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Quick Blogs of Random Dorkness – Random Acts of Candace

photo bomb
Awesome author Adrienne Monson – and me, popping out of her ear. Surprise!

I am catastrophically dorky. This is nothing I’m ashamed of. I embrace my unique charisma and channel it for good. I have such randomy, bazaar things happen to me over my lifespan, I just can’t keep it bottled anymore. I must share. I thought I would do quick blogs about these strange acts of dorkness.

Things you might read, like:

  • The day my scrub pants crept to my knees without me knowing.
  • Teaching cows how to skateboard.
  • Watching my Annie doll’s head be shoved with bottle rockets and lit. (This is a good one.)
  • Doing a cartwheel in front of Julliard School of Dance.
  • Skipping across the bridge at City Creek to appease the troll who lives underneath. (ummm…. yeah, this was last week)
  • And more such randomness…

Small experiences leave their little, sticky fingerprints on our lives and make us who we are. And that’s what I want to share – gooey, unwashable fingerprints that I can’t help or hide. Sharing is the best therapy.


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