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Candace Thomas is a seasoned speaker, teacher, coach, and mentor. She has participated as part of the faculty for ANWA Writer’s Conference, Storymakers, FanX and Salt Lake Comic Con, LTUE Writer’s Symposium, FyreCon, League of Utah Writers classrooms and annual Quills conferences, and several others up and down the Wasatch Front. Her books found a home in India where she has been a featured guest on several streaming platforms and blogsites. She has also been an inspirational speaker for youth camps closer to her home.

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Motivational Speaking (including youth groups) include:

  • Translating the Reading World: Understanding the Complexity of Living Dyslexic
  • Writing to Inspire: How a Quiet Girl Can Wake a World
  • Inspirational Stories and Song

Classes included:

  • Poetry Mechanics, Style, and Voice
  • World Creation
  • Using Literary Devices For Emotional Connections
  • Character Creation
  • Blood Mechanics For Writers

Other topics can be requested. Expect responses within two weeks.

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