Someone once asked how I became an author. This was my answer.

“I dream in sunset skies. I dabble with unfamiliar magic. I travel to unknown stars. I’m made of imagination, with a dash of Skittles. That’s how I became an author.” ~ Candace

Candace J. Thomas is an award-winning author of multiple genres, including Young Adult Fantasy and Contemporary Fantasy Romantic Comedy.  Her debut novel Vivatera won the LUW Diamond Award for Novel of the Year, as well as its capstone, Everstar, won the Silver Quill. She strives to live in poetry and publishes her Sunday poems on Medium. She blogs both on writing and book reviews.

Candace and fellow fantasy author, Jodi L. Milner, co-host a podcast all about being distracted. It focuses on neurodivergent changes, but also just a lot of writing advice, and a heck of a lot of fun!

Candace is known for her extreme fanatical love for both Count Chocula and smart, witty writing that expands her imagination making her wish she had thought of the idea.

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