Book Review – Kingdom City: Resurrection


Kingdom City: Resurrection

by Ben Ireland

Back in February, I had the privilege of eating waffles and frites with Ben Ireland at the LTUE Writers Symposium. As a friend, I wanted to know more about his writing style and complicated mind. We share space in the Fantasy Anthology MOMENTS IN MILLENNIA, but his gentle story FAIRYKIN did not prepare me for the action-packed adrenaline high I would receive with KINGDOM CITY: RESURRECTION.

This book is a lot of fun! It read like anime, like I was reading Miyazaki or binge-watching Full Metal Alchemist – so visual in description I could see it when I closed my eyes. It’s Urban, Dystopian, Super-Hero Action, Horror, Zombie lit – all packed into one series. But at its core, it is tender – about love and trust amid a world in chaos.

A terrorist attack buries most of the police force, including the Chief of Police, killing them all – six months later they all return with no memory of what happened. Now the mystery of what happens begins to be reveals in intense layered action.

Awesome. And the sequence of events after kept me awake at night, effecting my dreams, until I got up and finished the book.

Characters rule RESURRECTION. Plenty of rich, complex characters, sub-cultured within their surrounding mountain city, where no one leaves or questions, just co-exist.

I love that the main character is a bad-ass chick, Autumn Stevens, Kingdom City’s Whisper, which makes her the toughest ninja assassin on the planet – total Linda Hamilton type from Terminator 2. I’m all in for tough women leads. Her hollowness at the beginning grasps me with both hands. I was immediately drawn to her. She only bugged me when she was too motherly. Me, “Stop worrying about their veggies and go kill some bad guys.” But, how can she help it? She’s there to protect her family in every way – EVERY WAY.

Really enjoyed the pace. It’s sliced into scenes, revealing like a graphic novel, so the reader gets more of the plot than the players. I love reads like this. When the story wound back to the planning in the gymnasium, I thought of screaming at the characters, blowing the whole plot… “Listen, guys, stop talking about it. The city is in riots. There are hostages. Stop being so smart and go ninja kick them in the face!”

The tone and emotion is vital to the story. Through out there is a crafted balance of emotion is every scene, playing delicately with the environment, so to not overwhelm the reader, which is not easy for a writer to do.

RESURRECTION is really fun. If you like high-intensity thrillers, this won’t disappoint you.

And I want to thank Ben for introducing me to his intense style of writing, helping me understand a little more of how he thinks. And a gentle reminder that he still owes me that Hot Cocoa.

Quick Blogs of Random Dorkness – Random Acts of Candace

photo bomb
Awesome author Adrienne Monson – and me, popping out of her ear. Surprise!

I am catastrophically dorky. This is nothing I’m ashamed of. I embrace my unique charisma and channel it for good. I have such randomy, bazaar things happen to me over my lifespan, I just can’t keep it bottled anymore. I must share. I thought I would do quick blogs about these strange acts of dorkness.

Things you might read, like:

  • The day my scrub pants crept to my knees without me knowing.
  • Teaching cows how to skateboard.
  • Watching my Annie doll’s head be shoved with bottle rockets and lit. (This is a good one.)
  • Doing a cartwheel in front of Julliard School of Dance.
  • Skipping across the bridge at City Creek to appease the troll who lives underneath. (ummm…. yeah, this was last week)
  • And more such randomness…

Small experiences leave their little, sticky fingerprints on our lives and make us who we are. And that’s what I want to share – gooey, unwashable fingerprints that I can’t help or hide. Sharing is the best therapy.


Book Review – Salt and Storm By Kendall Kulper

salt and storm

So, I’m kinda heartsick right now. I feel alive with magic, yet pained by it, just as the author says.

Salt and Storm is elegantly written, with woven imagery in every memory and trinket, every thrum and tremor. I felt the salt spray, the sand in my toes, the wicked wind whip around me. I felt it all, and yes, I too wanted to be the witch of Prince Island. I was very impressed with how fresh this book was to read. Set in later 1800s I expected the language to be thick like Elizabeth Gaskell, but it was young and spirited and easy to get lost in.

I found that this tale was not so much about young love and heartache, but the relationship we have mother to daughter and the legacy we leave for those who will follow us. The whales spoke to me as well, and I listened to their song, and thought for sure the whale would mend Avery, and I still hope it can. This book is good for bother mothers and daughters, telling possibly, a different story depending on where you are in life. Me having young girls can see with hindsight the disconnected relationship between Avery and her mother, but young teenage girls might pull toward the spirited freedom Avery sought.

The love story, as simple as Kulper wrote it, had entwined a mystery that left me aching to know more. That is the only reason I could not give this 5 stars – I believed too much in the magic, both whale magic and island tattoos, and thought magic would resolve my heart and heal it. But a good book makes me feel and ache when it is finished. I wished I could see more or understand more about Tane’s magic, the island he left and the images draw in his sketchbook.

A beautifully written story with a simple, elegant delivery. Very clean, laced with important messages any girl could relate to.

FanX 2016

Oh beautiful, lovely FanX! You have been kind to me. This will be my third FanX that I have participated in. The first I did it alone, daring the other vendors. Placed strategically on the last row across from Karen Gillan and Patrick Stewart’s line.

“While you are waiting, would you like something to read?”

Me (Oh no! A Red Shirt!) and my mother trying desperately NOT to be photographed

Second time I was with other authors in Author Row, a hub of the writers and readers in and out like a beehive.

This year, the X’ers (Xchyler Publishing authors) have enough authors for a booth. That’s right! 1431! We are big and official. Thanks to our lovely sponsor Kelly Olsen (Kelly Olsen Realty) we are placed in the middle of the action, just a hop, a skip, and a jump from Artist Alley and second star to the right from Author Row.

Me, my sis, and sis-in-law in front of my bright green banner you can see from space.

See? Shot from space


There will be nine X’ers there – NINE! Books with various speculation – from Paranormal, Steampunk, Urban and Epic Fantasy, Sci-fi, and everything between.

So, while you’re waiting for your Kate Beckinsale Photo Op or the George Takei panel, the Backstreet – N’Sync faceoff, Reading Rainbow read-a-thon with Levar Burton, or the meet and greet with Buzz Aldrin . . .

Come find me in fabulous . . .


Tickets for FanX – click here

Giveaway! Ebooks! Posters! ALL THE THINGS!

There are several authors that have influenced me lately. Beautiful people who have crept in my life for one reason or another and effectively changed how I write, market, and treat other authors.

I first met Jen Greyson sharing a booth at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014. She was wildly spirited and irreverent, completely charming and A super smart, savvy author. I liked her immediately and talked her into buying a Damsel in this Dress corset (wink), which we both decided to wear the last day of the con. We also swapped books, in which she wrote, “To Candace, sister in the corset.” And I don’t know if Jen knew at the time how true this statement would become.

lightning riderThe book I swapped for was her first in the Tesla Time Traveler series, LIGHTNING RIDER. Her sales pitch to those interested in her book was basically – a time traveling Lara Croft. Very humble pitch, since she actually travels by bullwhip. So, that was all I knew about it.

This book blew me away! Fast-paced, plenty of action, and holy super sexy Constantine! Yes, made me blush (maybe not for the teens). And Nikola Tesla? And Evy was everything I’m not – cool, sexy, completely bad-ass. Such a smart, surprising read. And, I will be honest, sometimes it’s hard to read books written by friends, feeling the author over my shoulder wondering if I like it, but saying that, I completely lost myself in it.

Storm Front – third and newest release in the Tesla Time Traveler novels is released March 24, 2016! We are collaborating in helping Jen spread the word.

You can join the Author Street Team on Facebook here.

And enter the Rafflecopter for some fabulous prizes, books, ebooks, posters, and more – Grand prize is a year subscription to Kindle Unlimited!

Happy Reading and Good Luck!!