Book Review – The Night Circus

Night Circus
Erin Morgenstern

It was, in no other expression, delicious!

As an author I admire the craft and wordplay used throughout, swelled with its own music and harmonies, and so visual and sensual, that I could feel the silk fabric, or smell the sweet popcorn. The characters were rich, lively, complicated – and oh… the romance, forbidden and delightful, a perfect balance.

But there are two interesting details that I specifically loved, and something I have to commend…

Bravo Double Day!! for how the book was organized. I loved the NO CHAPTERS, instead filling it with dates and situations, jumping back and forth in time, made me an active participant. I had to pay attention to little details. Smart, clever details are peppers throughout, each a symbol or clue of the deep romance cloaked in the Night Circus. And you, yes YOU, participate as a character, experiencing the circus cleverly placed between the splendorous romance and enchantment. I felt that I lived it… that I was there experiencing it, and loved it as they did.

Bravo Morgenstern! for creating the Night Circus as a character. This is SO important when world building and a detail that many writers forget – to include your world, its history and mythology, and make a living vessel propelled by its own momentum. It was the heartbeat of the story. The ever-present notion placed in every dialogue or situation that the Night Circus was still in motion, hidden in the backdrop. Nothing made me more curious than the Night Circus itself, and that mystical force bound me to the book, much like the binding of Marco and Celia.

Milk and honey… I loved this book!!!

Nov. 7th – Local Authors and You

local authors and youWe have a strong community of authors, almost like a support group. We all suffer from the same creative strain that needs to be expressed. Luckily, we also have a wonderful community of readers and young writers that support us as well. Without you we wouldn’t have the strength we need to continue our feverish creativity.

There is a wonderful event coming up for you to meet with some very talented local authors. There is will be workshops and games for the whole family.

Local Authors and You Event

Nov. 7th 1-5 PM

@ The Viridian Center

Follow the Facebook Event Page – FB Local Authors and You

Oct. 23 – Author Expo @ St. George Book Festival

Prizes! Winning! Fun!

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Don’t miss out. We are preparing for the St. George Book Festival Author Extravaganza by giving away prizes leading up to the date.

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The St. George Book Festival is a great place to learn about literacy and the wonderful authors in your community. Oct. 12-24.

St. George Book Festivalstbook

Salt Lake Comic Con – Oh Cap’n

I couldn’t be more excited to be at this year’scapn merica 3rd Annual Salt Lake Comic Con. Cons are the best, aren’t they? For supernerd fans and writers like me we live for this stuff. It’s so much fun. It’s like a big family reunion.

This year is going to be even more fun. I collaborated with some other local authors and we have an exciting booth #3441, right next to the brainiac nerds at MENSA. Come test your brain next to us!

And we also thought we would be super nice to all of you that come see us. We got together and bought a Chris Evans (that’s right, Captain America) photo op and we are giving it away. What? Are we insane? I guess we are. This photo op sold out in 5 minutes, and would you believe it? I snagged one just in time. It’s pretty easy to enter, just follow this link:

I love doing stuff for you guys. Hope to see you there!