Let’s Be Authors

Dedicated to “ALL THINGS FAIL” when coming up with new experiments that will get your attention.

Let’s Be Authors! Experiment #1 – The Blog

Let’s Be Authors! Experiment #2 – Conning a Con: Pretending To Be Special


Speaking Engagements

Contact Candie is you are interested in her coming and talking with your students or writing groups.

Thank you for contacting me! I'm excited to talk to you about coming and speaking with your group!

Vampire-ish ARC Copies

If you are interested in an ARC of Vampire-ish: A Hypochondriac's Tale by Candace J. Thomas, please fill out your name and email address and an unsolicited electronic copy (PDF FORMAT) will be sent to you at no cost, in agreement that a unbiased, honest review be posted in media forums: Amazon, Goodreads, blogposts, etc.

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