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Mantra: I embrace my inner unicorn spirit animal. I dream in sunset skies. I dabble with unfamiliar magic. I travel to unknown stars. I’m made of imagination, with a dash of Skittles. That’s how I became an author.

“Hey everyone! Welcome to my website. Here you can get to know me a little and chat. We will be instant friends, I just know it.

“So, yep, I’m an author, and I think it’s the best job in the world. I’m a very big advocate for imagination. Imagination will always keep you young. It’s the fountain of youth! How awesome is that?

“I won’t deny, I’m a complete GEEK and LOVE geeking out, if that is a verb (said the author). Just check out my Random Acts of Candace. This is something that is in my blood. If you love anything fandom-wise we are instant friends. But, things that are smart and trick me, you have me forever.

“I fell in love with fantasy, because it’s creativity without limits. I get to be with elves and dragons and fairies everyday. There’s anticipated adventure and a time to be heroic. I hope to inspire others to share their passion. Writing is my therapy. I love sharing it with you.”

~Candie J.

Candace J Thomas is an award-winning of Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-fi. She is the author of the Vivatera Series and Hawkweed, published by Xchyler Publishing. Her debut novel Vivatera won the LUW Diamond Award for Novel of the Year. Her Paranormal Satire Vampire-ish: A Hypochondriac’s Tale was published July 2016. Candie is known for her extreme fanatical love for Count Chocula and everything pop culture nerdy. She and her husband also run DWEEBISH STUDIOS for voice over and audio book recording.

Speaking Engagements

Contact Candie is you are interested in her coming and talking with your students or writing groups.

Thank you for contacting me! I'm excited to talk to you about coming and speaking with your group!

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